Bananas for Yonanas!


As promised, I’ll write about the Yonanas soon! The Yonanas is a life-changer for me! Due to my plethora of allergies, which include milk, eggs, soy, cocunut, etc… makes a creamy, chilly treat quite difficult. I still crave for ice cream! It can be a daily struggle to resist those cravings!  At first, I was able to compensate for the dairy allergy by soy and almond products, then soy became a problem.  When soy became a problem – my creamy treats went out the window as most creamy alternative treats have soy in their ingredients.  Thus, I went into a period of trail and error of trying to find creamy treats I can enjoy with mostly failures and flops until I discovered Yonanas!

How I discovered Yonanas was a random occurrence! You see, I was inspired to find such an invention, due to a trip to Kauai. The trip to Kauai was a blessing in itself. A spectacular family reunion that my grandfather and grandmother hosted for their children and grandchildren.  It was at Kauai, going to a garden, that we ended up not going to that we discovered this lil shack of a fruit stand on the side of this random road that lead to the garden. It was at this shack that they had this machine that made fruit whips! They had a variety of flavors, but I never knew that such an invention existed. The whip were delicious and only made from fruit. In fact, you can use a lot of different fruits to create an endless supply of variations and flavors.


When I returned home, I immediately searched for a machine that was similiar, and thus, I discovered Yonanas! It is my favorite way to use up fruits that are on the verge of spoiling. So, it is a win-win! I get a creamy treat and I don’t waste food!  So, yes, I am bananas for Yonanas!  If you have allergies, I highly recommend this device. The clean up is super easy and it is super easy to use!


All the Best,

The Brecheisen Batch

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