Hendrickson’s Original Salad Dressing


As promised, a post about my favorite salad dressing! My favorite salad dressing is Hendrickson’s Original Sweet Vinegar and Olive Oil Salad Dressing!  For me, this salad dressing is a godsend!  Salad dressings are notoriously, and beyond difficult, for me to find a store-bought dressing that I can have. In fact, locally, this is literally the only one among a hundred or so! Luckily, not only is this dressing extremely allergy friendly for people like me, it is super delicious! I use this dressing on everything that I toss in a salad!  It is soooo delicious! 20160826_124104

For me, the benefit of having a store-bought is great! I never knew how much of a simple joy it was until I had to keep on making my own dressing. Sure, it is not entirely difficult, but there is times when exhaustion and time is not in your favor – and having a store-bought dressing saves the day!

Another wonderful aspect of this dressing is that the ingredient list is short and readable! There is nothing on the list that is not simple and complicated! It is a dressing that would work for alot of individuals.

In short, if you have allergies or a certain types lifestyle, I highly this dressing! It is a hit in my household ~ Mr. B definitely approves!

All the Best,

The Brecheisen Batch

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