Project: The Alleyway!


On Friday, the power of hardwork from Mr. B turned the our disaster of an alley and driveway to the garage into manageable beauty!  Obviously, after years of neglect, the side of the garage to the alley had turned into a muddy and tangled terror.  The driveway to the car port of the garage was turned into a haphazard zone that was jarring to the car, and yourself, everytime you went up the drive.

The solution: gravel! Mr. B worked hard in pulling up the vegetation that terrorized the area and laying down weed mat, along with some preventative care, to make sure nothing was going to decide to come back through the gravel.

The result? From mess  to maintainable beauty!  Also, the cars glide into the car port, now, instead of the teeth-clattering jar it was before. Smoooooth!

Next step: power-washing the garage to make it clean, again!

Here are photos from before to the now! Enjoy!

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Project: Alleyway and Driveway is checked!

Enjoy the Day!

All the Best,

The Brecheisen Batch




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