Happy Labor Day!


Happy Labor Day! 

I will admit I am one of those people that will take any reason to celebrate with family and get a together to happen! I am a HUGE fan of birthdays and holidays, even the little ones. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s just to get family together.  As I’ve always been this way thanks to the childhood and mother that I have, I’ve had time to build my holiday repertoire.

For Labor Day, the special movie that I like to watch on or around the holiday for this particular day is Newsies.  For the special books, the ones I have for Labor Day is Berenstain Bears: A Jobs Around Town and Bernstein Bears: A Job Well Done. 

For each holiday, I have a list of songs for each day that plays in the background of the party. I try to keep the songs rated at G, if not PG at most, for the age of attendees at family gatherings:

  • More Than a Paycheck by Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Bread and Roses by Judy Collins
  • Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • Three Miles Down by Gil Scott Heron
  • 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
  • Heigh-Ho from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

For the decorations, I just did a light version of my patriotic supplies, but with a special flag for labor day specific.

For games, Mr. B and I set out horseshoes and croquet for outside. In our dining room, on display, we have games always available for inside to pick and play for gatherings. Also, additionally, I printed out an easy quiz of questions. For each game, a little and silly prize is available to the winner! Overall, the Brecheisen’s are rather competitive, which makes it fun and funny! They always approach games with good humor. 

At night,  I have setup a little surprise of sparklers! I made certain, when they were available, to get some for the rest of the year for the holidays. Sparklers make every ending just slightly more sparkly and special! 

Lastly, the recipes for the holiday! A good grilling of hot dogs and burgers are a most! An array of appetizers from chips and dips such as homemade salsa and guacamole that is allergy friendly!  Also, we can’t do the last day without some watermelon!  The special drinks for the day will be some lemonade and sweet tea.  As for sides for the meal, some delicious coleslaw, corn, and beans will be served! Lastly, some zucchini bread, free of the top ten allergies, will be devoured! Zucchini bread is one of my favorite breads. I have a real problem of not wanting to horde the bread! I’ll  have to be on my best behavior!

In the following days, I’ll be posting the recipes for such a allergy-friendly and family-friendly feast for Labor Day!

I hope you all have fun as the Brecheisen Batch did!

All the Best,

The Brecheisen Batch



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