Pantry Flour (A Brown Rice Flour Mix)


     So, sometimes, with gluten-free cooking there is times, at least with myself, that I miscalculate the flour I have left.  So, I’m in the midst of cooking only to discover that I ran out of flour.  This may have happened recently to myself, while I had multiple things going on in the kitchen – something in the oven, a couple of things on the stove, even the microwave was working.  It was busy.  I thought I planned it all out, but then, the dreaded realization of not having, enough, flour.

    To me, this is a big problem, since it is not exactly as easy as running to the closest store to get a bag of flour.  Due to my allergies, I’ve yet to discover a commercial flour that I can just purchase.  I have to do homemade mixes.  So, to run out in the midst of cooking, is quite a dread! Do I have all the different flours in the pantry? Do I have enough of each in the cupboards? What do I have?  Will the store have them in stock or out – again??

    As it was, it was just myself at the home and there was no way I could leave, or put pause, to the other recipes that were already underway.  So, I just had to hope and pray I had what I needed in the pantry.   I did not.  Panicking a bit, looking over the scraps of what was in the cupboard,  I whisked together what I had.  I applied my very basic knowledge of cooking with my allergies and hoped that it would work – and did it ever!

    Thus – the Pantry Flour was born! It is a very simple mix that I use, when in a pinch.  I  So far, the results with the mix has been superb!   The photos of muffins below are made with the mix – they are light, fluffy, and taste delicious! The recipes for them will be for another week.


Serves: 9 Cups


  • 6 cups of Brown Rice Flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 3 cups of Tapioca Flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)


  1. Pour all of the ingredients into an extra large bowl and mix until well incorporated. The mixing is important to make sure that all the flour been dispersed equally.
  2. Store flour in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It keeps the flour fresh and to last longer.



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