~A Little Bit of History~

      My name is Sarah! I am excited to share with you my Midwest mayhem of life, love, and laughter.  I was raised in Bitterroot Valley of Montana on a farm, and latter, in the woods. My childhood as wrought with imagination, adventure, and lots of love from family.  Later on, in my teens, my family moved to the area around Lake Tahoe. It was a rather rushed move, due to the health woes of mine that arose in my pre-teens. In fact, it was so sudden, that my mom and I were actually homeless for forty days and forty nights! It was an adventure, though, that she and I ultimately loved, despite certain hardships. We had to live out of the car with our beloved dog, Cubby, as we traveled between family and hotels.

From there, I moved for a few years to California to grab a couple of degrees, and ultimately, graduated from Calpoly in San Luis Obispo.  Due to family living in the area, Calpoly had always been my dream college to attend and graduate from. I was blessed to have that dream come true!

After graduation, I returned back to town of my parents to help them, as they had helped me, with unfortunate medical and surgical situations that they found themselves in.

All the while,  Mr. B and I met over twelve years ago. We quickly became best friends for over a decade of our lives! Love has always been between us in different shapes and forms. Together, we have supported, encouraged, and been there for each other through a third of our entire lives!  Often,  he and I were apart,  but determined,  we made sure to visit eachother at least once a year – if not more.

Finally,  we decided that the distance was too much, so I moved to the town of Mr. B. I simply wanted to be with my best friend; who does not, right? All the way did I move from the West to the Midwest of Kansas; it was a move over a thousand and seven hundred miles !

Unbeknownst to me what plans Mr. B did have. After a stint of time,  after being best friends for over a third of our lives, the love did change. He proposed and I said yes! Now,  Mr. B and I are on the next chapter of our love and lives together. Both of us are excited about going forward, together, to what stories lie ahead of us considering the many wonderful chapters that are behind us.

~The Blog~

    The purpose of this blog is to share! To share recipes that are allergy friendly and family friendly. To share health information that I’ve learned through my personal struggles.  To share homemade items that work for us. To share fun crafts for holidays, kids, and gifts!  To share the adventures and misadventures of living in the Midwest! To share our mayhem of laughter, love, and life!

All the Best,

The Brecheisen Batch

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